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The European home for Steeda, the worlds leading Ford performance and Mustang experts. Tuning, customisation and modification, homologated and certified for Europe. Supplied direct from Germany.


Ford Performance Parts

the ultimate mustang on the road....and its not a Ford?

The Steeda Q767 Mach 1

Steeda Europes leading Mustang Experts for All models of Mustang and Performance Fords. Shop for sttyling, suspension, chassis and performance parts for your mustang or fast ford from barke pads through to superchargers!


Steeda parts have been chosen and used by winners for decades. Whether on the race track or the drag strip, Steeda will help you win. Winners choose Steeda! The best parts for your performance Ford

Race Proven

Decades of winning experience mean winners choose steeda

Turn Key Mustangs homologated and certified for Europe that provide the ultimate upgrade with more performance and better value than our rivals. Q767, Q500 and Q850. Available warrantied and ready to drive.

Steeda Q Series Mustangs

The ultimate mustangs direct from a ford dealership

The leading European supplier

high quality Ford Mustang, Focus, Mondeo & Fiesta parts & upgrades

Steeda are here because Speed Matters! Tuning and racing Ford vehicles of all types for over 30 years, Steeda have been proven to have no equal when it comes to Ford performance.

We can enhance your Ford Mustang, Focus, Fiesta or Mondeo, whether you want looks and styling, performance and handling upgrades or a combination of all. From suspension to chassis upgrades, power and torque boosts or exhausts and wheels, Steeda Europe is a one stop shop for your Ford performance parts and upgrades.



"There can be little doubt the Q500 is a world away from a normal 5.0-litre model in terms of eagerness, agility and immediacy. It's not flighty or edgy, rather a vast improvement that makes the Enforcer immensely more satisfying to drive"


"Steeda clearly knows what it’s doing....You turn in and it goes where you point it – you have confidence in it.... t’s impressive. It drives itself out of corners with determination and without any loss of traction. It’s on point... For an aftermarket car it feels very well engineered"

"With a chassis you can trust and exploit, the Q500 Enforcer is far more entertaining and satisfying than any other Mustang we’ve driven so far on UK roads."


"Chuck in an exhaust system that’s pure Bullitt and you’ve a fully-honed sports car that’s a world away from a regular Mustang. It feels like Porsche’s given it the once-over and perfected it into something more eager, agile and immediate"


The best Mustang I've driven. It gives you so much confidence. Simply amazing.

Misha Charoudin

Watch the Steeda Q767 Mach 1 at the Nürburgring

With Misha Charoudin!

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What should I do as my FIRST Mustang Upgrade?

What should I do as my FIRST Mustang Upgrade?

Here at Steeda we like to give you a LOT of choices for what to do with your beloved Mustang. We will usually ask you what are your aims and plans for the car so we can advise you best. BUT there i...

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Steeda Powder Coating Methods

Steeda Powder Coating Methods

Steeda's parts stand out proud in Steeda blue or grey powder coat and some people have asked me for some more information about Steeda’s powder coat process, so I have asked the factory and put tog...

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Steeda Q Series Mustangs Announced for 2024 Arrival in Europe!

Steeda Q Series Mustangs Announced for 2024 Arrival in Europe!

Big news as we can now announce that the Steeda Q Series range of fully EU certified Mustangs will continue with the 2024 models now arriving in Europe. Steeda have been hard at work testing and re...

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