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Our History 2023

The Beginning

1910 - 1970

Steeda Founder Dario Orlando was born into cars, with his father having designed elements of the Ford GT40, original Thunderbird, 1964.5 Mustang, and even the original Cobra logo. Dario’s father was Domenico Orlando. He became Senior Design Stylist Director working on advanced concept, production, and race cars. Darios Grandad Al Valeria originally started working for Ford Motor Company in 1910

Dario Orlando- Steeda - the early racer

Dario's Start

1977 - 1987

Dario started racing young and won the South Atlantic Race Championship at age 19. After getting his competition license at the young age of 19, he raced everything from MGs, Datsuns, and Toyotas, and in 1977, driving a bug-eyed Sprite won the South Atlantic Race Championship. In 1979 at the age of 22 he competed in the FIA World Challenge for Endurance Drivers by competing in the 12 Hours of Sebring and entering the 24 Hours of Daytona driving an Alfa Romero GTV. His success put him in Ford’s view and he was recruited to help develop the US/EU XR4TI “Merkur” Sierra

Steeda Begins

1988 - 1992

Out of desire to make faster Mustangs, Dario quits his job to start Steeda and recruits Steve Chicasola

The Wins Begin

1993 - 1995

1993 Steeda Cobra R is first Cobra R to win a race in competition. it represented to the world that Steeda prepared Mustang could be competitive on a world-class event. Steeda and Ford SVT initiated joint collaboration together on the development of the 1995 Cobra R program. Taking the real race world knowledge that Steeda acquired with the 1993 Cobra R program campaign, Steeda various modifications and changes to the Mustang platform. In addition, Steeda collaborates on a special 21-gallon fuel cell for the Cobra R that enables it to be more competitive and successful in competitive racing conditions.

Dario Orlando Race Team Crew Chief Steeda

The Legend Grows

1996 - 1997

1996 At the famed Daytona International Raceway, the Steeda Cobra R is the first Mustang to ever win a Pole Position in the professional IMSA GS Class competition – setting the stage for future good things to happen.

A Steeda Cobra R sets a new track record at the Daytona International Speedway in the inaugural IMSA endurance race that the Cobra R competed in. Once again proving that the Steeda performance parts and its race preparation program is a serious contender in this hotly contested race series.

At the Texas Motor Speedway, the Steeda Cobra R wins the first IMSA race for the Ford Mustang Team since Jerry Titus won at Daytona in 1968..

The Steeda Cobra R performed flawlessly during the race and at the end of the gruelling 6-hour endure it succeeded in lapping the field twice – a huge margin of victory

Steeda Q!

1998 - 1999

Car & Driver's World's Hottest Tuner Cars From 0-to-150-to-0 August 1998 issue names the Steeda Q as "biggest bang for your buck”, beating out cars costing six times as much.

The Steeda "Q Series" Mustangs entered the performance car arena, taking on Corvettes, Vipers and their European rivals like Mercedes, BMW and Porsche 911s. Some things never change!


2000 - 2004

As the wins on track keep coming, and working so closely with Ford on their racing programmes, Steeda is the first company to partner with Ford on the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Transfer Technology Program. This allows Steeda designers and Engineers to have direct Access to Ford CAD data and pre-release models.

This allows Steeda to start preparing in advance for a huge step forwards for the Mustang. The launch of the S197 in 2005.

S197 Mustang Launch

2005 - 2007

Steeda dazzles with their new Q Series at the Detroit Motor Show as Ford show off the all new look Mustang which re-captured the hearts of many Mustang fans.

Steeda expands performance upgrades into Fusion and Focus lines in 2006 and the Focus mk1 Club Racer takes to the track to keep the Steeda Mustang company

New Factory

2008 - 2013

Steeda expands and builds massive state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Valdosta, Georgia to act as the company's own development, production and logistics centre, which soon went into operation with a working area of more than 9,200 square
metres. The company's 14-hectare site is also home to an almost
two-kilometre-long test track with different asphalt surfaces, which is used for tuning drives as well as for club meets and shows with owners of Steeda sports cars.

Steeda continues development of its Q Series cars with the facelifted 2011-14 Mustangs

In 2012 Steeda Europe is launched to prepare for the arrival of the Global Platform cars, the Focus, the Fiesta and of course, the new S550 Mustang!

The Need for Speed!


A total of seven Mustangs specially modified for the rigorous driving needed for the movie “Need for Speed” are built all using suspension modifications provided by Steeda. Need for Speed emphasised a NO CGI special effects film method, meaning that the Mustangs needed unparalleled suspension performance and durability. There was only one company to turn to. Steeda!

Ford and the Steeda team worked together to create the impressive look of the car to match the amazing vehicle dynamics and make it a truly worthy "co-star"!

Steeda Powers On!

The S550 Mustang Years!

The Launch of the S550 meant BIG changes were about to happen. It was the first GLOBAL Mustang and the reason for the launch of Steeda Europe.

The Global Mustang Arrives


The 2015 Steeda Q-Series lineup debuts at SEMA 2014. Offering power levels ranging from 490 hp to 777 hp, the Steeda Q-Series is the ultimate Mustang for pony car war domination. 

Steeda's range of products for the Focus ST also captures the US publics imagination as they get the ST for the first time.

In Europe the opposite happens as finally the Mustang is officially available across the pond!

Steeda Number 20 Mustang GT race car in Track Attack mode

30 Years Experience!


Celebrating 30 years, Team Steeda pushes on with an all new Race Car wearing Steeda's iconic number 20. And of course, Steeda is still winning races and setting records, both on the track and on the drag strip. The 2017 Q500R wins SCCA 2017 Tropical Endurance Series Championship driven by Dario Orlando and Glen Vitale.

Scott Boda our factory and engineering manager keeps the drag flag flying with the Silver Bullet project which starts with a totally base 2018 A10 stock GT, but ends up breaking world records with Steeda know how!

In the UK the Steeda Q500 Enforcer earns rave reviews from TopGear, EVO, Pistonheads and all who drive it!

Steve McQueen


Steeda unveils the 2018+ Steeda Q Series Mustangs and reveals the Steeda Steve McQueen Limited Edition Bullitt. Possibly the ultimate in cool cars, let alone Mustangs!

Steeda worked with Steve's son Chad McQueen in developing the car, and it premiered with Richard Rawlings on a special season opening episode of Gas Monkey Garage

World Records

2020 - 2022

Scott continues to take names as his Steeda Silver Bullitt keeps blowing peoples minds at the drag strip! Once he has proven that suspension, chassis and tyres can take you sub ten seconds Team Steeda THEN add the supercharger to see what they can achieve on a full street car!

Steeda begin the EU Certification program that will allow European customers to fully experience the "Steeda Difference". Covid does not help the program. Or anything else.

History Made in Europe!


The Steeda European Homologation is completed and the first EVER Steeda registered cars begin to be produced for the European market.

The Steeda Q767 Mach 1 made a big impact on the Nürburgring (in a good way!) and impresses on the Bilster Berg circuit.

Europe finally has access to official turnkey performance Mustangs, which prove that Steeda's motto "Speed Matters" is something we take very seriously.

In the USA, Steeda prepare for the arrival of the all new S650 Chassis Mustangs, and continue development of the Mustang Mach E models, as well as Bronco, Explorer and more.

Electrifying News!

2023 E!

Steeda have started developing their first batch of electric vehicles, with the fully electric Mach E Mustang and the beast that is the Explorer PHEV in Europe.

Dario Orlando Interview