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Article: Steeda Q767 Mach 1 - Number 1!

Steeda Q767 Mach 1 - Number 1!
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Steeda Q767 Mach 1 - Number 1!

History was made with this car, the first ever European registered Steeda Q Series Mustang, and the ultimate turnkey performance Mustang in Europa.

We started with a stock EU Ford Mustang Mach 1, unregistered and fresh from Ford, in iconic Fighter Jet Grey finish,  ready to convert and already a very capable package, specced with Recaro sports seats and the manual Tremec 6 speed shifter for the real enthusiast driver.Steeda Q 767 Mach 1 number ready for prepThen we applied the Steeda magic!

The Q767 homologation base package consists of the following:

Chassis / Suspension:
Steeda Adjustable Front & Rear Adjustable Anti Roll Bars with Billet HD Mounts
Steeda Ultimate Handling Dual Rate Magneride Springs
Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit
Steeda Rear IRS Subframe Support Brace
Steeda Camber plates
Steeda Jacking Rails
Steeda Vertical link - Polybush
Steeda 2 point G-Trac Brace
Steeda Performance Wheel Alignment

Other Upgrades:
Steeda Engine Bay Serialization Plate
Steeda Interior Dash Plate
Steeda Illuminated Door Sill Plates
Steeda Hood struts
Steeda Black Coolant Tank

Steeda Q767 Mach 1 Parts CompilationThose last few ponits are incredibly important and mark the car as no longer a Ford but a STEEDA Mustang! And hence incredibly rare and collectible. And incredible value!Steeda Q767 Mach 1 Interior badgeAs you can see from the package list it's a pretty comprehensive suspension and chassis setup, but for the number 1 car, and for the Steeda Germany demo car, it clearly wouldn't be enough!

As we knew it would be heading on track, the first thing to be addressed was the brake lines where we worked with DBA and Goodridge to create a homologated package for Germany, consisting of two piece DBA front slotted discs to save weight and deal with heat issues better, and slotted one piece rear discs with front and rear high-performance brake pads. The Goodridge lines will also help maintain composure under punishing track conditions as well as providing added strength and security.

Steeda Q767 Track Pack 1

The brake pack was part of the "Track pack 1" upgrade which also added Steeda Front Control Arms and Bumpsteer pack, as well as a Steeda Rear Adjustable Toe Link, to really bring more alignment control and stability. The Steeda Rear Camber Adjust Kit allows easy and flexible control of rear camber. 

Enhanced throttle response and a power boost was provided by the German TUV  homologated "Power Pack" ECU retune pushing power to 480PS.

To give the exterior a more striking appearance fit for a show car and allow for some on road and on track flexibility, we fitted both a "Street Wheel Pack" & a "Track Wheel Pack".
The Street Wheel Pack consisting of OZ Hyper XT HLT 20" wheels in a 20x 9 and 20 x 10.5" stagger, fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres in a 265/35/20 and 285/35/20 fitment.Steeda Q767 Mach 1 with OZ Racing Hyper XT HLT 20" wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4SFor the Track Wheel Pack, our tyre partner Michelin offered up some huge grip monsters in the form of Michelin CUP 2 tyres in a massive 295/30/20 Front and 315/30/20 Rear to wrap round our lightweight Velgen Wheels VF5 in a 20x 10 front and 20x11 rear stagger. Their on track performance was mind blowing when combined with our Steeda chassis and suspension know how!Steeda Q767 Mach 1 with Velgen wheels VF5 20x10 and 20x11" lightweight wheelsTo further enhance the exterior look as well as on track aero performance, we fitted the optional styling pack which matches the "Performance Pack" setup from the US with the big rear spoiler with gurney flap and the enhanced front splitter. And of course a matching Steeda orange windscreen banner to make sure everyone knows this is a STEEDA Q767 Mach 1!For better driver comfort and grip and even more enhanced styling, Jorg at Fiege Performance fittted a Fiege custom steering wheel with matched orange top marker.Fiege Performance Custom Steering Wheel in Steeda Q767 Mach 1Part of the job of the number one was to go out and do some EU tests as well as promote how great a Steeda Q Series car is, mainly with Michelin CUP 2 tyre fitments but also to test out our new Steeda Magneride controller.

Our first test run was stock magneride controller at the Bilsterberg circuit with German legendary pilot and suspension guru Wolfgang Weber at the helm. Watch the video here:Then we went to the "Green Hell" itself, to meet the Wizard of Nur, Misha Charoudin to test the car once the Steeda magneride controller was installed! What an impact it made, taking ompression control to a whole new level!

Watch the Misha Video on his channel here:

It's safe to say both these fantastic drivers LOVED the car. Wolfgang said it handled amazingly in the wet, and Misha said it handled amazingly in the dry. So the perfect combination! Mission accomplished!

Steeda Q767 Mach 1 - Optional Extras fitted list:

Steeda Front Tension Links
Steeda Front Lateral Links
Steeda Bumpsteer KIt
Steeda Rear Adjustable Toe Links
Steeda Rear Camber Adjust Kit
Steeda Magneride Controller

Optional Power Pack - ECU Tune  to 480 PS

Wheels & Tyres:
OZ Racing Hyper XT HLT - 20x 9 and 20x10.5" with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres in 265/35/20 & 285/35/20
Velgen VF5 lightweight Wheels  -20x10 and 20x11" with Michelin Cup 2 in 295/30/20 & 315/30/20

DBA Two Piece Slotted Front Brake Discs
DBA One Piece Slotted Rear Brake Discs
DBA Extreme Performance Brake Pads
Goodridge Braided Brake LInes

Steeda Windscreen Banner
Fiege Performance Custom Steering Wheel
Ford Performance Front Splitter
Ford Performance Rear Spoiler with Gurney Flap

Steeda Q767 Mach 1 at the Nurburgring

Find out more at Steeda Germany Website:

Think YOUR Steeda equipped Fast Ford deserves some recognition and a feature car spot of its own? Well CONTACT US and if we agree we can make it happen!

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