Milltek GT S550 Mustang

One of the UK's biggest hitting aftermarket performance companies and a natural partner for Steeda UK, Milltek lost no time in getting a development Mustang so they could begin to work their exhaust magic on it. They also lost no time in making sure that it was rocking enough power to make a big impact by installing a supercharger, and added a raft of Steeda suspension parts to make sure they could keep that power on the road where it belongs.

Milltek Mustang GT Steeda Europe Upgraded Ford Mustang

Suspension wise, a Steeda BumpSteer kit helps keep the front end going the direction the driver wants, while Steeda front and rear roll bars with Steeda billet mounts help minimise body roll, and keep the underside looking as good as the exterior.

To keep the S550s wheel hop under control, magnified by the supercharged power at the wheels, the full Steeda "Stop the Hop" pack is deployed, featuring Steeda IRS full pack (IRS Alignment Bushes, IRS Braces and IRS Support Bushes) alongside Steeda Vertical Links and Adjustable Toe Links.

Of course also underneath the car runs (as you would expect!) a full Milltek Quad non resonated exhaust system with X pipe to release that glorious V8 sound.

Milltek Steeda equipped Mustang GT
Milltek Mustang GT Quad tips rear end

Milltek Mustang interior

Milltek GT Steeda UK Interior

Shift action inside is improved via a Steeda MT82 transmission bush while the interior also benefits from an alcantara trimmed wheel as well.

As you would expect with a development car for Milltek, its up and down all the time in their development workshop, and as such a set of Steeda Jacking Rails was an essential purchase.

Milltek Mustang upgraded suspension, whipple, Steeda springs, chassis bracing

You might think looking at this beast that all the development work has been done but Milltek have been beavering away to create a fully CAN-BUS integrated active exhaust system for those who want to keep their options open and their neighbours (or family) friendly! NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER!

So stay tuned for more great products from Milltek and Steeda UK!

Images courtesy of Milltek.


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