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Steeda Explorer Pro-Action Strut Kit (2020-2022)

Part Number: 555-8436
Sale price€239,00
Searching for the ultimate combination between ride quality and performance for your 2015-2016+ S550 Mustang? Look no further than our Steeda Pro-Action shocks and struts. These dampers feature street and track-proven technology which have been methodically tested and tuned to achieve optimum compression valving, giving you that quick sports car reaction on the road with easily adjustable rebound damping at the twist of a knob. From soft and comfortable to stiff and aggressive, these Pro-Action shocks have more adjustability than you will ever need!
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Steeda Explorer Pro-Action Strut Kit (2020-2022)
Steeda Explorer Pro-Action Strut Kit (2020-2022) Sale price€239,00

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