Wallet Friendly Mustang Handling Mods - Little changes that add up!

Its easy to get a lot of bang for your buck with Steeda! Here are some tips for some starter handling mods which can be picked up for less than you think.
From lowest to low & all under €200:
1. Steeda MT82 Transmission bushing: €44 inc tax
Tighten up your shifts to avoid missed shifts. Easy to install, in fact you can put it in for track days & take it out again afterwards if you like!
2. Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit €49.98 inc tax
Make sure your rear end is aligned properly. And with up to 1/2" tolerance from the factory, you know it makes sense. Pin your IRS in place for less than £50.
Limits IRS differential movement while increasing traction & eliminating wheel hop
Easily removable, not a permanent modification, Installs in 1 hour or less
Options to suit your need. Urethane for street use or hardcore Race / Track Aluminium set up.
The "Street to Race" Pack offers both so you can swap out the bushes for track days etc
An easy & affordable way to help tie down your front end. Perfect for Convertible drivers looking for extra chassis bracing, but great for everyone.
Our patented IRS Subframe Support system has transformed a ton of Mustangs, increasing traction & is the first step towards eliminating wheel hop.


Not strictly a chassis mod, but our super popular jacking rails will give you worry free jacking when lifting your car, & also provide additional chassis stiffening. Now available in Convertible friendly version too.

Our Extreme G Trac Brace (or K brace) is our fully fledged front end brace for people who want more than our 2 point brace offers.
These bolt on replacements include brake ducts for enhanced cooling and offer increased steering response, decreased body roll, and increased cornering grip - a must for the true performance handling enthusiast.
If you want to creep a little over €200 we love a Steeda Front Strut Tower Brace. It adds chassis stiffening & it looks great in your bay. Show everyone your Mustang has "The Steeda Difference".

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