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Article: Steeda Achieve European Certification / Homologation

Steeda Achieve European Certification / Homologation

Steeda Achieve European Certification / Homologation

There are times when a company can be truly proud of the impact they have created. Groundbreaking achievements such as new products, facilities, and vehicles are all worth being seriously proud of. Here at Steeda, we have had many experiences that could be called groundbreaking, such as our various performance records, our record-breaking Silver Bullet drag car, the massive success of our Steve McQueen Bullitt, and most recently the introduction of our new Trident wheels and development of the Steeda Mach One.

Recently we were able to add another item to this already extensive list: Full European certification and homologation of our parts and vehicles. After 10 years and extensive communication with Ford and European officials, and multiple returns to the planning board, European customers can order Steeda serialized vehicles like the Steeda Q767 Mach 1 from the dealership.

This certification is under the auspices of the United Kingdom's Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and the Swedish Transport Authority (STA) covering all European markets.

With our focus on developing the Mustang into the highest performing Mustang possible, we at Steeda set out to make our Mustangs rise above our rivals. Focusing on better materials and more know how and experience, our products improved to a higher level than many other brands. We developed our parts and overall performance even better than they had been in the past. With our dedicated street and track parts capable of high-performance driving as well as daily use, we have specialized in making the Mustang outperform much more expensive cars such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes on many occasions. With that, our complete package vehicles such as the Q767 Mach One compete on par with even the performance offerings from these companies.

These changes aren’t just good for our European customers, as all Steeda customers worldwide will benefit from knowing that the certification process includes a strenuous quality control element and our Steeda Factory in Georgia, USA was inspected and Steeda’s rigorous and market leading manufacturing and design standards, something we are very proud of and constantly working to improve, were fully certified.

Properly certified parts and models will allow us to provide a great selection of upgrades to buyers in Europe who have only been allowed to watch what Steeda can do in America. Now, our certification for homologated vehicles opens up an extensive catalogue of upgrades we have developed for the Mustang as legal to use throughout Europe. This allows our full range of suspension, chassis and much more to be ready to upgrade your Mustang to your heart’s content. Already in stock in our European and UK warehouses, you can now seek out parts and soon officially homologated full serialised vehicles from our official appointed European dealers.

With homologation certification, European enthusiasts can finally purchase a wide range of parts in addition to our vehicle line-up to add to their garages. This certification will allow owners to own a “Steeda Q767” or any other homologation vehicle without it being titled/registered as a Ford Mustang, but instead as a registered "Steeda Mustang" improving our European market credibility and greatly adding to the vehicles value. With upto 1500 vehicles allowed per year, these limited production models will be extremely rare, and with the registration document being a Steeda vehicle instead of a Ford makes the ownership more exclusive. With Steeda vehicles homologation, we can further allow owners the opportunity to have something truly special in their driveway with a guarantee of quality like no other.

To Find out more or if you are interested in becoming a European Dealer please CONTACT US

Steeda Q767 EU Homologated Mach One Mustang

If you want to express interest in purchasing a Steeda Q767 Mach One edition please contact us, or one of our dealers:

Fiege Performance in Germany
Auto IN Performance in Czech Republic
Ford Store Lodz in Poland

More details to follow shortly so stay tuned! Speed Matters!

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