cp-e xFlex Ford Fiesta ST Passenger (LHD) Side Engine Mount

€370 exc TAX

It is finally time to get the power to the wheels with the cp-e Ford Fiesta ST Passenger Side Motor mount (PSMM)! Solidly built with cp-e quality and 2 durometer choices these mounts give your Fiesta ST solidity and traction and help prevent wheel spin and wheel hop. Put that power down where it counts!

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It is finally time to get the power to the wheels with the cp-e Ford Fiesta ST Passenger Side Motor mount (PSMM)!

cp-e™ is proud to release the Fiesta ST Passenger Side Mount. Our Ford Fiesta ST PSMM has been a long time in the making. We are confident that these will be the last side mounts you will ever need.

This product is the perfect compliment to our Driver Side Mount.

While a rear motor mount is must for your Fiesta ST the side mounts are more for the hard core driver who wants maximum traction on track days etc

If you are building a track car then these are an essential addition. Too many people constantly try and increase power without worrying about increasing traction to put it down.

Ford Fiesta ST PSMM Passenger Side Mount Features

  • Greatly reduces engine movement.
  • Reduced wheel hop with minimal increase in NVH.
  • Available in 2 durometers for comfort{*) or performance.
  • Anodized black finish
  • Lifetime Warranty


(*) by which we mean more comfort than the firmer durometer mount! So good for a "street and track" car, whereas an all out track focu build should go firmer....

NOTE: PASSENGER SIDE refers to LHD cars. Its DRIVER side on RHD!

The side engine mount brackets are made from 1/4” mild steel that is laser cut for precise fitment. The bushing housing is CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum. And like our rear motor mounts these bushings are made from rubber instead of urethane.

You have the power to choose your own durometer! We let you decide what degree of comfort vs stiffness you want to run. The 55A durometer is for the driver that is looking to get the power down to the ground without sacrificing too much comfort. The 70A durometer is more for those that drive their cars hard. No matter which durometer you chose the engine will have noticeably less movement from stock.

Say goodbye to wheel hop and torque steer when you combine this with our already popular rear motor mount.

2 Durometers Available
In order to create a mount that works for all customers, we’re offering the side mount in 2 durometers. 55A will give you very little noticeable increase in vibrations while providing a large decrease in wheel hop and engine movement.

If stopping engine movement even with added vibrations over the 55A is the goal, the 70A durometer eliminates wheel hop even further. Both choices reduce wheelspin and provide a daily drivable ride.

Black Anodized Finish
To prevent corrosion and maintain an allover finish for the life of the product, we’ve anodized the Fiesta ST Passenger Side Mount in a satin black.

This finish on the Fiesta ST Passenger (LHD cars) Side Mount not only looks great, but it will protect the mount for years to come.


NOTE these parts are brought in to order so there will be a short lead time on orders

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