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Article: Steeda Europe Fiesta ST Demo Car Wrap Competition - with Fast Ford Magazine & 3M

Steeda Europe Fiesta ST Demo Car Wrap Competition - with Fast Ford Magazine & 3M

Steeda Europe Fiesta ST Demo Car Wrap Competition - with Fast Ford Magazine & 3M

This is your chance to test out your design skills and see them made real with the STeeda Europe / Fast Ford Magazine in association with 3M wraps, the best in the business.

3M Vehicle wrap colour board for Steeda Fiesta ST Wrap Comp

We hope you have been following the progress of our new project pocket rocket,  ST04STD, our very own Fiesta ST180, but if not here is your chance to get involved.

She is set up now with a selection of choice "street setup" mods, including springs from Eibach, Sparco Trofeo 4 wheels in Bronze from OZ Racing, and a nice selection of parts from CP-E (Custom Performance Engineering) who have provided the intake and catback, with more to come. We also added a Steeda rear strut tower brace and Steeda rear engine mount and a Steeda cue ball shift knob, as well as a Steeda decal set. plus some sweet Diode Dynamics lighting mods...

With the wrap you do whatever take your fancy. Single colour, arty, race style, drift look, whatever you like, from a full printed wrap to a colour change with carbon or chrome accents, satin, gloss, matt or even reflective, have a good look around the 3M site and see what finishes you can use. The only limit is your imagination.

You can choose from 3M's new 2080 and 1080 vehicle wraps, printed wraps or even a mixture of in between. Check out for ideas!

The competition is open from now on, with it being announced in the next issue of Fast Ford magazine, our favourite mag for lovers of the Blue Oval! You can design the wrap using the basic template below, or your favourite online platform like Forza or Grand Turismo etc.(or just freehand it! However you like!)

Deadline for entries is Friday May 15th

The short list of winning entries will be announced on the Steeda Europe Facebook page in late May, and voting will take place on the Facebook page to pick the winner.

The WINNER will:

1. See their design made real on the Steeda UK Fiesta ST

2. Win a Steeda baseball cap

3. Win €100 Steeda Voucher.



Steeda Fiesta ST Wrap Competition template for design


The only rules are you have to incorporate some logos of Steeda and some of our key partners:

STEEDA (of course!)  you can use our logo, our roundel or other variants of Steeda design... check things out online or on our site.

Michelin: Steeda suspension doesn't work without the best rubber connecting it to the road. Making the car look like the Bibendum man might be a good look, who knows? At least its white already!

OZ Racing: What's the good of great tyres if you don't have great looking wheels to put them on! OZ Racing and their Sparco range are our favourites on the Fiesta. So use the OZ logo, or Sparco....

CP-E: Ecoboost masters from the US, whose exhausts are a work of art, and whose engine mounts are perfect for people with serious track work in mind.

Diode Dynamics: Killer lights to bring visibility and style.

Eibach: Suspension gurus after our own hearts!


Fast Ford: Two words we love and a great mag too, need we say more?

Sky Insurance: Our favourite Insurer, and your only source to Steeda discount codes! Get a policy, and get shopping!

How Do I Enter?

To SUBMIT your entry, please send the images us at info[AT] 

OR post them to the Steeda Europe Facebook Wrap Competition Post which will be pinned to the top of our page.....


  • Entry open to anyone.
  • Entry means Steeda will have the right to use your design on our car should should it win.
  • Design MUST be achievable using 3M Wraps
  • Entry opens from this post going live until Friday 15th May - EXTENDED
  • Steeda will pick "finalist" designs and the poll to select the winner will be opened. Poll will finish after 1 week.
  • Winning design may be adapted / altered to suit car etc, so may not end up identical to entry.
  • Winner will have to provide contact details etc in order to reveal prizes and voucher.
  • Voucher is useable on website only. It can also be used as part payment towards more expensive products if desired.

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