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Article: Steeda Q Series Mustangs Announced for 2024 Arrival in Europe!

Steeda Q Series Mustangs Announced for 2024 Arrival in Europe!

Steeda Q Series Mustangs Announced for 2024 Arrival in Europe!

Big news as we can now announce that the Steeda Q Series range of fully EU certified Mustangs will continue with the 2024 models now arriving in Europe.

Steeda have been hard at work testing and refining our package in the US since the launch of the S650 chassis designation Mustangs and will be ready for immediate builds as cars arrive in Europe. So if you have a Mustang on order, you can get it build AND REGISTERED as a Steeda Q Series Mustang.

We will continue our dual offering of the Q500 Enforcer based on a GT coupe platform with MagneRide suspension, or the Q767 Dark Horse for the real performance and track day enthusiasts based on the Dark Horse platform with Recaro option.

Below: Steeda Silver Bullet v2.0 Drag Mustang, and 2 Q500 development cars in front of the Steeda factory in Valdosta, Georgia, USA

As before the basic Q Series package focuses on what Steeda knows best and what the Mustang needs most.. a comprehensive suspension and chassis reworking. In simple terms, Steeda take the Mustang and turn it from it's capable muscle car base into a true drivers sports car!

Q Series Package details:
Chassis / Suspension:
Steeda Adjustable Front & Rear Adjustable Anti Roll Bars with Billet HD Mounts
Steeda Ultimate Handling Dual Rate Magneride Springs
Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit
Steeda Rear IRS Subframe Support Brace
Steeda Camber plates
Steeda Jacking Rails
Steeda 2 point G-Trac Brace
Steeda Performance Wheel Alignment

Miscellaneous Upgrades:
Steeda Engine Bay Serialization Plate
Steeda Interior Plate
Steeda Illuminated Door Sill Plates

The basic package will take every Q series Mustang whether GT based Q500 or Dark Horse based Q767 to new heights of handling and performance, but of course you need not stop there. A raft of optional upgrades can help you create the car of your dreams, whether its styling, wheels, or even further enhanced performance modifications, including fully track focussed builds if you want. 

After all, Steeda's top wheel man Glen Vitale proved while testing the Q500 Enforcer on track at Homestead Miami that chasing Porsches is what the Steeda Mustangs love to do! (or should that be .. being chased BY Porsches?)

To order contact us, or our dealers.

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