Our First Virtual Show! German Cyber Space Hosts Steeda and Mustang Event

At the beginning of 2020 (the before times!) we were excited to be going to our first big Mustang show in Germany, the 2020 Mustang Event hosted by the German Mustang forum www.Mustang6.de

With the advent of Covid, of course all shows were cancelled, but the intrepid team of Christian and Roland at Mustang6 decided not to accept defeat and planned to transition to a virtual cyber event. We were keen to support them in their efforts, and pledged to "be there" in cyberspace with them!

On the last weekend in June at the same time as the show was scheduled to take place for real, the syber event started and the team overcame some initial technical difficulties to host a series of presentations and Q&As from German mustang vendors and tuners and of course Steeda!

The reception was very good with #TheSteedaDifference already being a recognised and appreciated asset for many German Mustangs, and there were many questions and a lot of interest shown, and our session proved very popular.

You can go the the event site here: https://mustang-event.de/online-mustang-event-recap/

And you can watch a video of our initial session here:

The Dario interview which was corrupted at the end of the session can be watched in full here:

So once again big thanks to Christian for their efforts and enthusiasm and the great welcome they gave us, and more importantly their great efforts in translating, as my German is woefully inadequate!

One of the big news we dropped was the programmed certification of the Velgen VF5 with TUV which is currently ongoing...

Stay tuned for more big news later this year and we hope we can go to the show "for real" in 2021!

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