Brexit & COVID & Steeda Europe - April 2021 Update

Dear European Steeda fans, We just wanted to take a minute to inform everyone of the situation "post Brexit" as many people may know that the original base of Steeda in Europe was in the UK.

However due to Brexit finally (!) taking place on January 1st 2021, we have moved to create a new Europe based company and will operate a warehouse to supply Europe based in Bocholt, Germany. (Our UK base will continue UK operations as normal)

This will mean the continuation of seamless supply of great parts, performance and advice from the Steeda Europe team, all with full transparency and no delays or extra taxes, customs procedures etc for all EU residents.

The warehouse is up and running and supplies ARE slowly arriving, however due to the global shipping crisis as well as COVID affecting suppliers, including our own Steeda factory, it will take a while to build up ample stocks. Our websites should now accurately reflect available stock so you can see if standard products will be available for instant dispatch and rapid delivery.

NOTE stock levels only show for individual items, not for kits. So for example a front roll bar or rear roll bar and not a roll bar kit.... ALSO if swapping between items on a drop down sometimes you may need to refresh your browser to see the stock level of the new item selected...

We thank everyone for their patience during this change over period, . Please continue to bear with us, and we wish everyone the best. Stay safe everyone!


The first shipment has now arrived at Bocholt and the first EU deliveries have been dispatched. We are expecting two more shipments to arrive at the warehouse in the next 10 days, and more to rapidly follow. 


4 shipments have now arrived at Bocholt and more are en route but supplies are still very limited and operations are still no where near "normal" so please expect delays unless your item is showing as "in stock" when you ordered it, in which case it should be available for immediate dispatch.

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