Another Steeda Championship win - Robin Burnett NASA Spec Iron 2019

A Borrowed Car, A Swapped Steeda Suspension & A Driver’s Seat Is The Recipe For Another Championship For Team Steeda!

Winning championships are never easy – especially when you are dealt a cam phaser failure & serious engine issues three laps into the qualifier race for the NASA Spec Iron class Championship.

That is what Robin Burnett & his #20 Mustang had to deal with last week at the final race of the season with the Championship on the line.

“It had been a grueling couple of weeks” said Robin Burnett, driver of the #20 Steeda equipped Mustang “Because of our never-give-up spirit on the track & our championship aspirations, we had caught the attention of a new sponsor – SCUDO wallets, through KorR Motorsports (Dean Martin) – we were feeling good!”

Feeling good was an understatement when Robin & his team took the track with their new sponsor & re-stickered car design – they set a new personal best & qualified on the pole the day before the championship.

Unfortunately, three laps into the qualifier race (that sets the grid for the championship race) is when Robin & his team had to overcome adversity – the cam phaser went – essentially destroying any chance at winning the championship … or so they thought.

With some luck & a tremendous showing of sportsmanship, a competitor’s father (Steve Revelette) came over to offer condolences AND a CAR! His SI car was at the track on a trailer not being used. Robin & his team swapped over all of the Steeda suspension and most importantly, his seat and they were ready for the 8:00 am hardship practice the next morning.

Because of their misfortune, they had to start last in the championship race. After several laps of essentially getting to know the car & driving it hard, Robin was able to pilot his new borrowed car to the front of the pack, fighting off three different second-place drivers that tried to challenge him for the lead.

For over Forty-Five minutes, Robin drove flat out – against some very tough competitors. Eventually, the checkered flag fell and Robin & his team were victorious! Another national championship for team STEEDA.

If you want the best for YOUR fast Ford then Steeda should be your first choice!

Check out one of Robins Race vids on youtube....

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