Steeda Mondeo Sport

This month's early feature car edition is a little different, it's our very own Steeda Mondeo Sport, and as another demo car is incoming to Steeda UK (stay tuned!) she has to make room. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth will occur when she is gone, as I absolutely love this car.
Steeda Mondeo Sport
The Mondeo Sport started out as the extremely handsome Ford Mondeo Titanium spec and comes fully loaded with practically everything Ford could throw at it. It's the 2.0 Ecoboost (same as the Focus ST) automatic with sport mode gearbox and paddle shifters.

The car exterior features a full ford optional body kit with black accents and also the optional rear spoiler. We opted for the hatchback rather than the estate; for one it's GORGEOUS, but also surprisingly has more load space than the estate unless the seats are down and you load it right to the roof. Load space is also amazing for the passengers and its easy to seat 5 large adults in comfort.

Mentioning the roof, it benefits from the Ford panoramic glass roof which offers an expanse of tinted glass to your passengers and you can enjoy the huge feeling of space the new Mondeo offers. This matches up with the tinted rear windows to offer coolness and privacy as well as a cracking red/black combo that looks oh so good.

Other options include the uprated Sony sat nav and stereo system with reverse camera and sensors, plus automatic city stop crash avoidance.
Steeda Mondeo Sport
Ford have clearly made a cracking car here, and that's where Steeda step in, to make something good great. As you can see from the pictures, the Steeda lowering sport springs combined with magnificent OZ Racing 20" wheels give the car an incredible stance and presence.

What you can't see are the incredible handling benefits the package gives.  Combined with the Steeda rear anti-roll bar, the lightweight wheels combined with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres give unbelievable road handling in a car of this size. The agility is mindblowing and the change of direction happens in an instant.Steeda adds to the Mondeo Sport package with a power pack formed of a Steeda Cold Air Intake and a catback exhaust from Magnaflow to give an enhanced soundtrack and throttle response and boost power to 250 hp.

The overall package saves weight, around 20KG in total, and best of all the majority is unsprung and rotational weight meaning the maximum in performance gains, as well as improved MPG. We saw a lifetime 30mpg, which in this big unit is pretty impressive and certainly very liveable.

A subtle Steeda windscreen decal completes the exterior and a Steeda SSV plate in the engine bay shows you that you are rolling in one of Steeda's finest.
Steeda Mondeo Sport at Ford Fair
The Mondeo Sport proved a big draw at Ford Fair this year with a lot of people admiring and complimenting her. So thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Think YOUR Steeda equipped Fast Ford deserves some recognition and a feature car spot of its own? Well CONTACT US and if we agree we can make it happen!

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