StopTech S550 Mustang Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads

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StopTech is the first aftermarket brake company to offer balanced brake upgrades, engineered to dramatically improve overall braking performance while remaining compatible with the stock OE brakes. This has significantly advanced the state of art in aftermarket brake upgrades.

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StopTech's Posi Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads are manufactured with the same positive molding process used by Original Equipment suppliers. This assures that your brake pads will have consistent friction material density throughout the pad, resulting in even wear and performance characteristics throughout the life of the brake pad.

The StopTech brake pads are either precision cut or shaved backing plates and mechanically attached shims. These small details ensure proper fitment in the caliper and eliminate noise associated with pad vibration.

These brake pads also feature a scorching process which forces any impurities out of the friction material and pre-burnishes the pads to provide a greatly accelerated break-in process.

Note: These front brake pads only fit 2015+ EU spec (i.e Brembo equipped)

If you have a US import NON Performance pack cars please contact us. These are NOT listed to avoid purchaser confusion.

Product Benefits
  • Longest wearing with the most advanced ceramic material
  • Lowest amount of dust
  • Stable friction performance across wide temperature range
  • Normally In Stock

NOTE: 1 box contains pads for both sides, so only 1 order is required per axle.

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