Steeda Fiesta Short Throw Shifter

€178,61 exc TAX

Steeda's Tri-Ax shifter for the 2011 Ford Fiesta is a complete replacement assembly for ease of installation. Tested at Sebring International Raceway and various SCCA autocross events before the car was even available in the U.S. via our exclusive partnership with Ford Motor Company. All parts are machined, bent, and TIG welded in-house following Steeda's strict ISO manufacturing requirements.

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Features a re-engineered shifter mechanism and lower knob height to reduce shifter throw fore and aft by thirty three percent.Our shifter design also retains the lateral shifter gate distance to ensure drivers do not mistake shifter gates. Steeda's Tri-Ax short throw shifter was designed to utilize the factory shift knob while also allowing aftermarket knobs to be used.

Product Benefits
  • Nickel plated for looks and corrosion resistance
  • No permanent modifications required to the vehicle
  • Throw reduced by 33 percent
  • Usually in stock in the UK

Steeda part: 555-7240  CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED


Fiesta mk7 5 Speed manual (eg. 1.6 Petrol Zetec S)

US Customer Reviews

"I got a short shifter for Christmas from my family and finally got to install it. What a difference it really made for the car! I cannot believe how smooth and firm every shift is now. I recommend this to anyone that owns a manual!"

UK Customer Reviews

"Got to admit straight after fitting it i wasnt sold on the shifter, the gears felt to short a throw for my liking, but after a 15 min drive, it is AMAZING, the time changing gears has been reduced massively, makes back road driving soo much more fun now, the quality is as you would expect, briliant. back to back against the stock part it wins on the quality front hands down.â??

"Bought the short shifter, and I'm 100% glad I did. It makes driving so much more fun and enjoyable, it gives you a real true sporty/race feel. Hands down it beats mountune's version!!"


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